Government Relations and Trade Advocacy

Neville Peterson adopts a collaborative approach to government relations and advocacy. While we offer strategic guidance and represent clients in specific dealings with Congress and regulatory agencies, we also collaborate closely with a prestigious lobbying firm, Sorini, Samet & Associates LLC, to meet clients’ more extensive lobbying needs. This collaborative strategy enables us to offer comprehensive public policy analyses and facilitate engagement between our clients and governmental or non-governmental organizations.

Our approach at Neville Peterson is deeply rooted in delivering strategic guidance and robust representation of clients in their interactions with various regulatory agencies, and when appropriate, before Congress. Central to our practice is ensuring that our clients’ voices are heard at the highest levels of government.

Our expertise in legal and regulatory matters, combined with a keen insight into the complexities of international trade, positions us uniquely to advocate effectively on behalf of our clients. We engage in detailed policy analyses, crafting tailored strategies that align with our clients’ business objectives and regulatory challenges. This comprehensive approach enables us to facilitate meaningful and impactful engagement between our clients and a broad spectrum of governmental and non-governmental organizations and interests.

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of trade advocacy and governmental relations, we have established a strategic affiliation with Sorini, Samet & Associates LLC, a prestigious D.C. lobbying firm known for delivering results. This partnership is particularly beneficial when addressing more intricate lobbying issues that demand a highly specialized skill set and deep connections within governmental circles. By enlisting the expertise of SSA professionals on an as-needed basis, we enhance our service offerings at Neville Peterson, ensuring that our clients benefit from a full spectrum of advocacy and lobbying capabilities.